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In a new Instagram post, the Cut Fitness owner revealed that she was able to celebrate Sidney Barney's high school graduation as a family."So many things to be proud of this month.Our family has come a long way and I couldn't be happier," Tamra shared on social media.In an unembeddable video clip Kay unknowingly gets caught on camera by the lil Barneys having a fun time playing Dance Central on Xbox Kinect.) Simon taking care of Kay was just some old fashioned good karma coming down because Kay had helped out when the Barney family was stricken down with the flu. It was actually taken over two months ago when we were both out together with her brother. Simon Barney has a net worth of approximately million, most of which he earns working as a businessman in Southern California.He’s had a number of business endeavors in his life and he’s worked very hard to keep them afloat so he can care for his family.He does not want his kids associated with the life that their mother leads and, in fact, she doesn’t even have custody of their older daughter now that she’s chosen to live with her father.Simon Barney did not get a good reputation when he was on television with Tamra, and many people assume it is because he is a jerk.

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star opened up about being estranged from her eldest daughter, the Bravo star shared some good news with her followers.#gaveituptojesus #2017 #family."While Tamra has tried to keep the relationship with her eldest daughter away from cameras, the Bravo star previously opened up about her family situation during a reunion show.