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He does an outstanding job in this role and his doomed romanticism MAKES the film what it is.There is no story if the audience does not believe in the love affair, and Flynn convinces in this category. That's a rough day to then be faced with the ambush set on them on the afternoon of the 8th. Fretwell, Mike Callahan, myself and about fifteen other guys got caught on the trail below the village we were trying to take.

His naturalness and ease on screen are very appealing, and there is no one more handsome in such costumes. Very underrated thespian-he is elite here in a difficult role.

When he had accurately established the location of the separated elements, Corporal COTTRELL skillfully advised each of its relative position and coordinated the movement of the units to form a consolidated company perimeter. This road climbed up the moutain and then down into the valley.