Teamcity svn externals not updating

17-Dec-2017 07:51

teamcity svn externals not updating-23

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To fix this will add the --match flag so your command will become: This will display only the tags which are in format v?

Deploying a website means changing a sites configuration, maybe adding some new items to your sites environment – who knows, each application is different.

Please note that i am using Visual Studio 2008 for this demo, and Visual Studio 2010 has some wonderful new capabilities that can make what i am about to show you even easier – Scott Hanselman talks about them here.

So the first thing your going to have to do is download and install the following things on the pc you want to use as your build machine – this doesn’t have to be a separate pc, and could be installed on your local machine, or even inside a locally hosted virtual machine.

Also you need to push your tag to the remote repository as it is not pushed automatically. We will create a Powershell script which parses the output and creates the build number.

To give you a really quick rundown on web deployment projects i’ll just say this: Web deployment projects are basically just build scripts for MSBUILD.Git doesn’t provide this number because each commit is represented by a SHA1 hash.