Paleomagnetism as a means of dating geological events

18-Nov-2017 21:04

This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat It is hard to think that this is a coincidence; it is also hard to think of any mechanism that could produce this paleomagnetism absolute dating other than that the rocks are as old as radiometric methods tell us.

But by the same token, the other times they don't, and so although any particular date produced by these methods might be called into question, it must be the case that the vast majority of dates that pass through these filters must be good; for we can hardly suppose that the confounding factors are actively conspiring to deceive us, and so these long-shot events must be as rare as statistical considerations would lead us to expect.

The first is an abundant and diverse range of fossils to observe biodiversity changes.

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In addition to changing in orientation, the magnetic north pole also wanders around the geographic north pole. Now if we estimate the age of the sea floor like that, then we get a good agreement with the dates produced by radiometric methods.These intervals are termed mass extinction events and relate to the relatively rapid and widespread annihilation of many species.

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