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10-Nov-2017 11:59

WHERE TO START: This is a daily podcast, but in "Four Essential Lies," Mike Pesca's discussion on the tragedy in South Carolina will give you some perspective of what to expect for the other episodes. WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: Three political experts with different perspectives go head-to-head to discuss real issues.

Each episode is entertaining, engaging, and a great representation of all sides.

Lots of celebs stop in to chat, like Patton Oswalt, Jason Sudekis, Drew Carey, Kristen Schaal, and more.

WHERE TO START: Dip your toes in with "," a hilarious episode about the great Leroy Jenkins and G. Joe with appearances by Dan Harmon, Rob Delaney, and several others! WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: This slate produced news show is fast paced and witty and gives you an easily digestible spread of all the news you need to know.

Scott Aukerman and Adam Scott (Ben from Parks & Rec) talk for HOURS about what *should* be U2 but ends up being a lot of not-U2.

WHERE TO START: Adam dives headfirst in this followup to his in-depth analysis of U2's seventh studio album "Achtung Baby."WHERE TO LISTEN: You can subscribe here.

WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: This KCRW podcast is hosted by Bob Carlson and is a fascinating mix of crazy, interesting, bizarre, and captivating stories.

WHERE TO START: Hear a story all about "The Big Lie" that, surprisingly, is no lie. WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN: If you like crime and mystery then you'll really enjoy this podcast.

WHERE TO START: Learn about how a TV news reporter's investigation into a serial killer turned into a love story in "Dear Sheila." WHERE TO LISTEN: You can subscribe here.

WHERE TO START: Things get a little weird when they research the murder of "Russell Colvin." WHERE TO LISTEN: You can subscribe here.

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