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Records include the name of the landowner, occupier, amount assessed and sometimes the name and/or description of the property. In some places it is found a few inches under ground like a close pavement; and, till these stones can be eradicated by digging, ploughing, or picking, it is thought little hopes of success can be entertained even from the best modes of cultivation. This stone also makes a good facing for fences, and, from its angular, rough surface, forms a safe pavement in pitchwork.

It is a useful starting point for locating relevant estate records and establishing the succession of tenancies and freehold. Another stone very general throughout Cornwall is distinguished by the name of killas, though Dr.

Entries usually include the testator's name, date of death, date of probate and registry. An exhaustive gazetteer, containing details of settlement's history, governance, churches, postal services, public institutions and more. Nothing can be more dreary than the surface and scenery in the mining districts. Austel, thence, with an interval of rich land, westward to Kenwyn, Kea, Gwenap, Stythians, Wendron, Breageon the South, and to St. The earthy parts of this are so exceedingly light, that, in a dry summer, as Dr.

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This vital collection details almost 1.2 million properties eligible for land tax. It is a schistos, and varies in texture and colour, some being hard, others more friable and laminated; the colours are blueish, yellow, and a ferrugineous brown; and the whole form excellent materials for building. Germans, and Padstow, have slate quarries, but of an inferior quality.

An index to marriages registered throughout England & Wales. These rivers join below Kea-bridge; and after a course of eight or nine miles, meet the tide above Wade-bridge, whence the stream is navigable to Padstow Harbour.