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He-Man is seen riding into battle on a helmeted Battle Cat, and Skeletor and Beast Man are riding their own fighting tigers. Apparently no one bought them Battle Cats for Christmas.When Rudy Obrero was given the models to use as references for the artwork, he was provided with no details as to the story line, which is why he also painted things like Skeletor defending Castle Grayskull and He-Man ripping out the side of Castle Grayskull with the Wind Raider.Battle Cat is one of the most iconic characters to come out of the Masters of the Universe line.In fact, when discussing the most famous fantasy steeds to come out of the 1980s, it’s probably a neck and neck race between Battle Cat and Falkor from .One of the first three items released in the original Masters of the Universe toy line (along with He-Man and Skeletor), Battle Cat was a fearsome beast with a bizarre color scheme.Green fur with orange stripes and dark red armor shouldn’t work, but somehow it does.It isn't easy sometimes, but he's accepted his new life.Those back home, however, have been worried and trying to find him since he vanished.

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Mark Taylor (who designed almost every MOTU product released in 1982) designed a fantasy-themed saddle to allow He-Man to sit on the cat without falling off, and a helmet/mask to further disguise the cat’s origins in the Tarzan and Big Jim lines. The first two were originally sold in 1982 and featured box art by Rudy Obrero.Battle Cat was, of course, heavily featured in a number of ads and catalogs as well.