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Reply Hi — this was delicious, although I’ve used olive oil both times simply because I don’t use coconut oil that often and don’t keep any on hand.I suspect that this will change now that we’ve tried this soup!Now that I happended upon Oh She Glows, I’ve decided to try and cut out a lot of the prodicts a Reply This looks delicious Ange, and your photos are BEAUTIFUL today! They look different from the others (which of course are all fabulous) but these ones in particular are amazing! I find your recipes very forgiving of subs so proceeded with no fear. I also made your Apple, Date, Pecan baked oatmeal for breakfast today and it was heavenly – like eating dessert for breakfast. Thanks for the inspiration :) Reply Since stumbling onto your website (thank you Pinterest), I spend copious amounts of time going through your recent post and archives. I’ve even converted certified “date haters” with the rolo recipe. Reply I made this recipe this weekend and it was incredibly delicious! i added about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast at the end, and served each bowl with about 1/4 of an avocado on top. Added diced carrots, mixed lentils, white beans, a 28oz can of diced tomatoes and addition broth. Made enough to fill 5 large mason jars – once you complete the canning process you have delicious soup whenever you feel like. I made a few edits, since the store was out of cumin and coriander. I also added mushrooms to the dish and grilled chicken. Reply I’m leaning into a more plant based diet and thanks to your recipes, its been easy and delicious! So funny, I bought red lentils just the other day and was needing a way to use them. We actually had a “cold-ish” night here in Hawaii and this really hit the spot. Would it be better to store it without the kale and just add that in when heating up? Can’t wait to try it :) Reply I just have to tell you – this is literally the most WONDERFUL soup I have ever made – and I MAKE soups.Reply Made this for my daughter who is crazy about your site. She doesn’t like spicy so I left off the chili and cayenne, only had reg. We loved the heartiness of the soup and the added “chew” the kale provided. the spicy/cool combo with the added avo was fantastic! I often make up recipes as I go and therefore cannot really replicate them. I made this today and my husband and two sons cleaned their bowls and got seconds before I even mentioned it was vegan! I JUST took it off the stove 4 mins ago, and have already burnt my tongue TWICE. Reply I made this for dinner last night and everyone loved it! Since I found your recipe/blog about a month ago I’ve made this soup like 4 times – not kidding.I could almost taste this when you talked about wanting to “guzzle the broth.” The broth makes a soup for me! Business proposal: you charge /hr for us to come sit in your kitchen and taste test fo you all day. I’d happily donate to sit in your kitchen and just SMELL this magic. You could cash in and get some vegan approval the extends beyond Eric. I’m super excited about this soup recipe, looks perfect for the cooler weather. The rule, however, is that we must change the recipes somehow, eg) making it vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, or just taking the main ingredient and using it as inspiration for something completely new.I made something very similar the other day, only I added liquid smoke to give it more of a BBQ-chili taste. Love the blend of spices you used, and also that you threw a bunch of kale into it – love, love, love kale! It’s kind of a fun thing to challenge ourselves in the kitchen. Just found and bought red lentils at the store this morning. Currently have beans cooking for tonight’s dinner: Reply Gorgeous soup, Angela!I was a bit scared of the ingredient combinations, but I think it’s probably the best soup I’ve ever had and that’s saying something! Reply I just made this tonight and it was fabulous! Reply I have never been a vegan, nor have I ever made soup.

Thanks for this recipe, it’s become a new favorite!I want to make it this weekend for 18 people at the retreat centre I work at but there has to be a two cup serving for everyone. Because I had time, I sauteed the onions and veggies on medium low heat (until all veggies were clear and translucent) and this allowed more juices to come out. I then took my chances and used just water (instead of vegetable broth). Thank you for your website and sharing your recipes! I also subbed out the lentils and instead added a can of garbanzo beans and a can of corn. Reply Just wanted to chime in and say thanks for this recipe and for your site in general!Reply This is such a healing soup recepie especially for now here in Australia it is getting cold and people are looking for a real immune helper and sinus flush :) LOL. Reply After finding lentils for the health & protein factor, it’s been hard to make something that’s actually good. I’m just starting back down the vegetarian route (have done that off and on, but really think it’s better for my health) and am trying to move towards vegan as much as possible as quickly as possible. I have a lot of ‘south Indian’ recipes with coconut and coconut oil.The lime added just a touch of acidity which made this dish the perfect combination of savory and delicious. Unfortunately, due to allergy issues, do you think I could substitute brown rice for the lentils? I had to use what was on hand, so I replaced some of the spices with turmeric and chili flakes, and it was lovely.

Thanks for this quick and easy recipe, and greetings from a fan in the UK!Really love the idea of adding coconut oil – I’m trying that next time! Will have pick up some red lentils next time I’m out. I might get a little crazy and add some soyrizo because it sounds like it would be good in it. So yesterday I sat down and looked up a lentil soup in the cookbook and then came up with my own recipe….which looks exactly like this one! And I have that exact same bowl and saucer and for all my soups and dips this fall, that’s what I’ve photographed it in, or the white one. I caught a few minutes of a rerun recently, and realized how corny it was, but I loved it at the time!

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