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I think kissing and everything that comes with it taps into the sexual impulse. Concerning your question whether there are any legitimate forms of expression of the sex instinct outside of marriage; according to the Bahá'í Teachings no sexual act can be considered lawful unless performed between lawfully married persons.The Bahá'í youth should, on the one hand, be taught the lesson of self- control which, when exercised, undoubtedly has a salutary effect on the development of character and of personality in general, and on the other should be advised, nay even encouraged, to contract marriage while still young and in full possession of their physical vigour.

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How else are you to know someone in life without having a relationship with them?

In as far as possible the believers should try to realize this and rise above the level of their fellow-men who are, typical of all decadent periods in history, placing so much over-emphasis on the purely physical side of mating.

This is one of the many fields in which it is incumbent on the Bahá'ís to set the example and lead the way to a true human standard of life, when the soul of man is exalted and his body but the tool for his enlightened spirit.

It would be silly to marry someone without knowing them, agree? With that being said, I think there is a big difference between a kiss and "making out".

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Ask yourself this question, does making out usually end at "making out"? Sadly in todays society, there is a HUGE overemphasis on sex which makes it all the more difficult to follow the laws, it's everywhere you look.

Divorce, on the other hand, has been made relatively easy, and the sociologists are just beginning to realise the importance of this law….

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