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She inherited this talent from her mom (Maria), a famous singer who died in a car accident.Germán (Diego Ramos), her dad, is a very successful man who travels a lot and loves his daughter, despite being strict and overprotective.Abbiamo dati storici ed inoppugnabili a sostegno di tale tesi.La sfiga ha inizio con Emilio Natarelli, responsabile dell’Urbanistica e vicesindaco nel secondo mandato Massa, chesito per incontrare persone gratis un amore in chat Un posto ‘pubblico’ molto ambito fino a qualche decennio fa.Angie fears that if she tells Violetta or Germán the truth, Germán would take Violetta away to another country, where she could never see Violetta again.Violetta falls in love with Thomas (Pablo Espinosa) but Francesca (Lodovica Comello), her new best friend, already liked him.Nei primi due casi è già accaduto in situazionisito per singles un amore nato in chat Il Molise è pronto a trovare la serie A di basket, nello specifico femminile.

Germán decides to take Violetta away, but thanks to Angie he understands the passion of Violetta at the last minute and decides to stay in Buenos Aires, allowing Violetta to continue at Studio 21.In the end Thomas goes back to Spain as he has the opportunity to make something of his music and Ludmila makes peace with everybody (leaving doubts as to whether she really was sorry). In the second season, Violetta starts falling in love with Leon and he feels the same for her.