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May asks Dawn to let her take the baby, doubling her original offer, but Dawn refuses so May leaves alone.

May later visits Dawn, asking to see Summer and offering her the toys and baby clothes she had collected during Dawn's pregnancy.

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May Wright (often referred to by the media as "Mad May") is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera East Enders.

The doctor tells May that she is not ovulating and therefore unlikely to conceive.

Desperate for Rob's baby, May offers Dawn £10,000 to have the baby and allow her to raise her and Dawn agrees.

Several weeks later, it is revealed she is married to Rob Minter (Stuart Laing) who is dating Dawn Swann (Kara Tointon).

When May is alone with Summer, she whispers goodbye to her and says she loves her.

May then decides that Dawn and Jase aren't coping as parents. She returns on Summer's birthday, when she confronts and scares Dawn, infiltrates the Millers' home and knocks Dawn's brother Mickey (Joe Swash) out with a crowbar.

On the day she is supposed to babysit, Jase arrives alone, claiming Summer has teething problems and he has to leave her with Dawn.

May is so distraught that she runs out of the house in tears.May tries to smash the door down, but finding this impossible, she goes downstairs and opens the music box she had brought for Summer.